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Billy's Little Bench

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Letter Carving Series

Mon, 02/27/2017 - 5:24pm
I just started a Letter Carving series on my YouTube channel today and just wanted to spread the word.
As a sign maker I carve letters almost everyday, and though the process is somewhat mechanical, it is always enjoyable. My aim for this series is to provide a resource that teaches the entire process of letter carving step by step. The series will cover all the main components of letters (vertical, horizontal, curves, junctions, serif's etc...), tool selection, carving techniques, does and don't, proper letter layout, and small letters vs. large letter carving. The first two letter carving videos are currently up on my Woodcarving with Bill channel and can be found below. Several others will be shot and uploaded in the next week or two. 
If you are interested in woodcarving please consider subscribing to my channel as I have many more things planed for the future. And it's free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
The Sperm Whale (Nantucket Folk Art) below is one of the upcoming videos I have planed and I will be providing the design as a free download.   

Also, please check out my Woodcarving Resources page. This page will be added to continuously and will be the home for all of my woodcarving downloads, which will always be free. 
24 Inch Sperm Whale "Moby Dick" Nantucket Folk Art
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Woodcarving With Bill (laying the foundation)

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 4:53pm
During the past week I have uploaded 3 NEW Videos to my Woodcarving with Bill channel over on YouTube. This entire process at this point is to lay a solid foundation for woodcarving. Yes, that includes learning to sharpen all the different types of tools used in carving. Once the foundation is complete, within a week or two, then the projects will begin to flow. 

   Some may ask, "Why make the sharpening videos? Why the basic stuff? Isn't enough of that out there already?"   Yes, yes it is. I own dozens of books that show how to sharpen, hold the tools, and use them for basic tasks. And there are others who have produced videos on these subjects in great detail. However, not everyone teaches the same way, explains things the same, nor do we all learn the same way. For that reason I am laying the foundation for a well informed beginning woodcarver. My hope is that when someone with little to no experience discovers my channel they will be able to return to their shop and perform the tasks in each video. 

    With that said, the most important thing to learn in woodcarving is how to sharpen and handle your tools. If the tools are not properly sharpened, well, it's going to be a long road to failure, and I really don't like seeing people fail at things. 

   My mission is to simply get as many people as possible carving wood, enjoying the process, and having fun in their shops. 

   So please, spread the word, share the videos, and subscribe if you are at all interested in learning to carve wood. This first year is going to be very interesting and I can't hope to grow the channel without a little help from my friends. Stay tuned for more updates and uploads.
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Split Top Review 3.1 Update on the Veritas Inset Vise and other questions

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 8:48am

​Another quick update on the workbench. 
I do believe I developed an easy fix and improvement for the Veritas Inset Vise, and I added some drawers to the bench. And .......... Nicholson VS Roubo?????       I'll address that too. 

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