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Books for Sale!

Books for sale on Ebay:  I'm going though my book library and paring it down.  The subject matter will vary, as my interests and studies have over the last 30 years - some are from my architectural studies, others deal with woodworking, gardening, or are either practical, whimsical, or reference books I have that I wish to part with.  If you have any interest, please bid!  This all goes to help pay for web site hosting (and gaining back some space!),  More to come next week, to include back issues of some woodworking magazines.

St. Patrick's Hymn

I arise today
Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
Through belief in the Threeness,
Through confession of the Oneness
of the Creator of creation.
I arise today
Through the strength of Christ's birth with His baptism,
Through the strength of His crucifixion with His burial,
Through the strength of His resurrection with His ascension,
Through the strength of His descent for the judgment of doom.
I arise today
Through the strength of the love of cherubim,
In the obedience of angels,

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