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In Praise of Trees


Cell phone photos from an early morning hike along a popular trail near where I live in North Idaho.

Every woodworker should spend time among that which they lay claim to knowing.  It is as important as developing your skill to know what it is you are working with.

There is a spiritual quality to these things one must keep in touch with that you cannot find in a man-made environment.  it is something you must experience for yourself.

 Wood comes from trees, as we all know.  But something we tend to forget is they are living, breathing, and dying entities;  They fight for life and enjoy the splendor in it's glory and suffer in it's relentless existence.

Here (though it's hard to see in the photo) the ground under a tree has partially given way, and the tree has fallen to almost parallel with level on a hillside.  A branch has sprung up near the root to take over the trees endless quest for the sun above all that surrounds it:


Eventually, they all will fall.  Whether it is from age, climate, location, or the axe;  all are destined to return to that from which they came.


Almost every one of them - every single one - has experienced some sort of challenge in it's life.  For some, the troubles started early, and shaped them for the rest of their lives, even to the point of limiting them from achieving what those right next to them were able to.  Yet that does not stop them from trying.

For others, the trouble may have come later.  Yet they all still carry on, doing what they can with what they have.


While it may seem a bit off topic - n my travels through life, I have seen many things which would make me doubt the presence of God.  Yet every once in a great while, I come across a scene so perfect that there is no way I can doubt there is some form of higher presence.


It is almost always a scene of mother nature in her glory.  When I come across such grandeur, I cannot help but believe there is no possiblity that such perfect and all-encompassing beauty is merely the product of random chance.

 What are we if we are not the eyes given to the universe to appreciate it's own awesome beauty?  It is my honest belief that all living things have a soul, and this soul is the universe's answer to the meaning of life.  

One wonders what one tree's soul has given to stand sentinel over a such a scene?

No doubt some are short lived:


While others make it longer.

Is there a heaven and hell?  Beyond this world, I don't know.

 I do believe both exist here - and now - and that we are all in it .   My belief is we have been given heaven, and that we make our own hell. Some days are more one way than the other.  This one was a good one.




Nice 4th of July post.  Must be August (hot) in Idaho by now I guess.  I hope all is and all those saws!  Your skills and workshop build have really inspired me.  I had a DW drumset named Mjolnir (dang I wish I knew how to add those Norse characters : ) the double bass just hammered : )
Kind regards