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Thickness Caliper

I don't know, maybe these are as common as dirt and I'm just blissfully ignorant, but I've not seen one like this before, and thought it was interesting enough to post here.

My brother showed up yesterday and gave me this tool, asking if I what it was.  I knew what it was for almost immediately, as there could only be one use for it.  It is from the estate of a local custom knife maker here in Idaho, but that's not the original trade it was made for...

  Read more about Thickness Caliper

Finding Files and Other Saw Sharpening Tips

I've been getting a few questions lately on saw files - what to get, and where to get them, mostly.  Here's some highlights from those correspondences that others might find useful. Read more about Finding Files and Other Saw Sharpening Tips

Some slow times, and some planning,,,


Asked what I've been up to lately - regarding woodworking, very little.  I've been enjoying the fruits of my labor from my last project t, the guitar build - specifically I've been practicing up on a few old classics such as "Down by the River" by Neil Young. Read more about Some slow times, and some planning,,,

Finished: Runecaster, Jörmungandr, and Mjöllnir


 The guitar build, the final entry...

What a blast of a project...  Challenging, fun, and a real test of skill.   It does make me appreciate just how good some of the craftsmen are out there that build some of these amazing "homemade" guitars.  I can honestly say there will be more, I don't know how I will ever resist the pull again.  My wife has other plans for me for the near future, unfortunately...  


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